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Strong Incentives
Tax credits, abatements, grants, low-cost financing Foreign Trade Zone and more.

Business-Friendly Climate
Effective community and government partnerships locally and throughout Northeast Ohio.

Access to Markets
Central location with great ground, rail, water and air accessibility.

High Quality of Life
Small town hospitality and country living with big city opportunities.

Leading Ag-Bioscience Infrastructure
Premier research facilities and infrastructure.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Energy, labor and occupancy costs among the nation’s most affordable.

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Affordable, Reliable Utilities


Since 2001, Ohioans have had the right to choose when it comes to their electric supplier. Ohio Power, Ohio Edison, Holmes-Wayne REA, Lorain-Medina REA, Marshallville Village Electric, and City of Orrville Electric provide power for homes and businesses in Wayne County. 

At an estimated annualized rate, average cost per kilowatt-hour for a small commercial or industrial customer with a secondary standard service would be in the 10 cent range. A medium sized customer (who owns their own transformer for example) would average in the 7-8 cent range, and a large customer (owning their own substation) would average in the 6 cent range. For a more accurate rate estimate, contact the Wayne County electric suppliers below.

AEP Energy 
American Electric Power (Ohio Power): 800-672-2231
FirstEnergy (Ohio Edison): 800-589-3101 (CEI Division)
Holmes-Wayne REA866-674-1055
Lorain-Medina REA800-222-5673
Marshallville Village Electric330-855-5985
City of Orrville Electric330-684-5100                                               


Ohio Department of Development
Public Utilities Commission 

Natural Gas

Natural gas customers in Ohio can also choose which company provides this service. In Wayne County, natural gas is supplied by Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio, and Northeast Ohio Natural Gas Corporation and regulated by the Public Utilities Commission. Cost is based upon consumption in thousand cubic feet increments (MCF) per year plus a customer charge. For a projected rate estimate, contact the Wayne County natural gas suppliers below.

Columbia Gas Aerial 

Columbia Gas of Ohio : 800-344-4077
Economic Development

Dominion East Ohio : 866-478-5778 
Economic Development

Northeast Ohio Natural Gas Corporation : 800-848-5589
Economic Development


Public Utilities Commission “Apples to Apples” Natural Gas Comparison
Local Distribution Companies 


In Wayne County, telephone services are provided by AT&T, Doylestown Communications, CenturyLink and Verizon.

Doylestown Communications330-658-2121

Cable and Internet providers include Clear Picture Cable, Time Warner Cable, and Armstrong Cable.
Clear Picture, Inc.330-345-7759
Time Warner Cable1-877-772-2253
Armstrong Cable1-877-277-5711

Internet only providers include Embarq, Lightspeed Wireless, and Oh.Net Internet.
Lightspeed Wireless877-513-5074
Oh.Net Internet330-264-4400

Water & Sewer

All water and sewer systems in Wayne County are municipally operated and water is pumped from local ground water aquifers.

Village of Apple Creek         330-698-1322
Village of Doylestown:          330-658-2181
Village of Marshallville        330-855-5985
City of Orrville                       330-684-5130
City of Rittman                       330-925-2059
Village of Shreve                   330-567-2601
Village of Smithville             330-669-2633
Village of West Salem          419-853-4809
City of Wooster                      330-263-5286


Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water website
Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District website

Wayne County EPA contacts
2007 Wayne County Sewer and Water Rate Survey
Installing a septic system for a commercial/non-residential building

In Wayne County, onsite sewage treatment systems of 1,000 gallons per day or less serving a business or commercial operation need to be permitted by the local health board. 

For systems greater than 1,000 gallons per day, a wastewater permit-to-install (PTI) from the Ohio EPA must be applied for and received before the construction of a new system or modification of an existing system may begin.

Property size, soil type, depth of bedrock, access to receiving streams and access to existing sanitary sewers are all factors which should be considered when siting an on-site sewage treatment/disposal system.

Waste Disposal

Dumpsters R Us800-509-5399
Hf Hauling Inc.: 330-682-7102
Integrated Waste Solutions Inc.888-435-4135
J & J Refuse1-800-201-0005
Waste Management800-343-6047
Waste Connections, Inc.916-608-8200

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