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Strong Incentives
Tax credits, abatements, grants, low-cost financing Foreign Trade Zone and more.

Business-Friendly Climate
Effective community and government partnerships locally and throughout Northeast Ohio.

Access to Markets
Central location with great ground, rail, water and air accessibility.

High Quality of Life
Small town hospitality and country living with big city opportunities.

Leading Ag-Bioscience Infrastructure
Premier research facilities and infrastructure.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Energy, labor and occupancy costs among the nation’s most affordable.

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Investments In Your Future and Ours

Wayne County's highly skilled workforce, diverse and growing economy and numerous industrial site and building opportunities provide businesses with unique opportunities for location and expansion.  

Recognizing that additional factors work to facilitate and support business operations in the county, and contribute to the well-being of its communities and residents, Wayne County is also committed to maintaining and expanding a strong system of infrastructure that provides a foundation for further business expansion. 

Unique to Wayne County is a comprehensive plan that strives to concentrate development in areas already served with infrastructure.  This reduces sprawl and saves money for both government and business. More importantly, it preserves another important infrastrucutre component of Wayne County - open space and agricultural land - which serves a growing agbioscience economy and maintains open spaces as a source of competitive advantage.

The county is supported in its efforts by the State of Ohio which has a strong focus on strengthening its physical infrastructure, with particular attention to connecting businesses with their markets, and citizens with their communities.

Electric Rate Incentives:

Recently enacted Senate Bill 221 creates an opportunity for electric utilities and their business customers to reach “reasonable arrangements” to reduce energy costs while spreading the loss of the electric company’s revenues to the entire electric utility rate base. Three approaches exist for gaining Ohio’s electric incentives. 

Job Creation 
Non-retail projects that create 25 full-time jobs over three years with an annual average wage that is 150 percent of the federal minimum wage where the participating company demonstrates economic viability and gains other local, state, or federal tax incentives may gain an electric rate incentive from the PUCO. 

Retention Projects
An economic arrangement may be granted to retain utility customers with an average billing load of at least 250 kilowatts with 25 or more non-retail jobs who are likely to cease or reduce operations or relocate them out of state because of electric rates. 

Finally, the PUCO proposed rules permit utilities and companies to submit applications for unique arrangements. These matters do not require job creation, threats of closure/relocation or energy efficiency but require the filing party to bear the burden of proof. 

Energy efficiency arrangements can also be proposed to provide an incentive for development of energy efficient production facilities that create 10 full-time jobs over three years and meet the same criteria as economic expansion arrangements. PUCO considers these electric rate incentives as part of their normal administrative process- that means public hearings and an opportunity for parties to object. Thus, it is recommended that most customers first negotiate a deal with their electric provider and then jointly file a request with the electric company to the PUCO. The process may take several months. 


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