Wayne County Economic Development Council

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Strong Incentives
Tax credits, abatements, grants, low-cost financing Foreign Trade Zone and more.

Business-Friendly Climate
Effective community and government partnerships locally and throughout Northeast Ohio.

Access to Markets
Central location with great ground, rail, water and air accessibility.

High Quality of Life
Small town hospitality and country living with big city opportunities.

Leading Ag-Bioscience Infrastructure
Premier research facilities and infrastructure.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Energy, labor and occupancy costs among the nation’s most affordable.

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Targeted Industries for Quality Growth

Wayne County wants to attract and retain the types of businesses that represent the strongest prospects for quality growth. There are six major categories of industries that best fit the business climate in this area:
  • Technology-Based Agribusiness
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Corporate Headquarters & Offices
  • Export-Based Services
  • Export-Based Retail
  • Value-Added Tourism

More specifically, there are 33 target industries that would be efficiently and profitably served by the resources available in Wayne County. For more information, please e-mail the Wayne Economic Development Council.


Technology-Based Agribusiness
Agricultural R&D Centers
Gourmet/Specialty Foods

Light Manufacturing
Medical Supplies & Equipment
Printing & Publishing
Food Products
Specialty Furniture
Secondary Wood Products
Plastics Processors
Biological Products
Electronic Instruments
Motor Vehicle Parts

Corporate Headquarters & Offices
Corporate Back-Office Operations
Fast-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms
Global Company Headquarters
Nonprofit and Association Offices
Regional Corporate Offices
Export-Based Services
Research & Test Facilities
Information/Computer Services
Small Publishers
Medical/Health Care Services
Creative Services
Multi-Media Services

Export-Based Retail
Tourism-Linked Retail
Outlet Retail

Value-Added Tourism
Musical & Theater
Educational Attractions
Natural Resource Attractions
Historical &Cultural Attractions
Entertainment & Recreation
Hotel & Lodging
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