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Strong Incentives
Tax credits, abatements, grants, low-cost financing Foreign Trade Zone and more.

Business-Friendly Climate
Effective community and government partnerships locally and throughout Northeast Ohio.

Access to Markets
Central location with great ground, rail, water and air accessibility.

High Quality of Life
Small town hospitality and country living with big city opportunities.

Leading Ag-Bioscience Infrastructure
Premier research facilities and infrastructure.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Energy, labor and occupancy costs among the nation’s most affordable.

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"Growing A Quality Future" Strategic Plan

 Four-Year Strategic Action Plan

After careful consideration of local and national economic trends and significant input from local community leaders, the Wayne Economic Development Council is prepared to move forward to address the needs and desires of the community.  The strategic initiatives for achieving these desired results appear below.

Strategy I. Leverage Growth Opportunities from Existing Businesses - Economic growth efforts in Wayne County should recognize and favor existing businesses with more resources devoted to increasing business retention and expansion activities.

  1. Implement a coordinated, county-wide business retention/expansion program that utilizes the interest and resources of local partners.
  2. Develop a synergies between existing businesses within targeted industry groups through a peer to peer network program.
  3. Improve awareness of the Wayne Economic Development Council’s purpose, programs and activities designed to meet the needs of existing businesses.
Strategy II. Promote New Business Attraction and Formation Emphasizing Diversity and Quality - Efforts to attract new business through traditional marketing efforts must continue and be targeted towards high-skilled and high-paying jobs.Recruitment and attraction efforts must include a focus on new business formation and the agbiosciences and minimize disruption of the high quality of life that exists in Wayne County.

  1. Attract new businesses through a focused annual marketing strategy.
  2. Develop high-impact, professional marketing and communications tools supportive of the marketing strategy.
  3. Work with local partners to articulate and execute a strategic ag-biosciences development program.
  4. Encourage the creation and growth of a strong entrepreneurial culture in Wayne County.
Strategy III. Connect and Engage Investors, Businesses, Government, Service Providers and Allies in the Economic Development Effort - The WEDC must be a leader in connecting existing businesses with each other and a catalyst in coordinating local and regional resources in the delivery of a comprehensive and coordinated economic development services delivery system.

  1. Increase deal flow and positive public perceptions of Wayne County through meaningful and collaborative relationships with national, state and regional allies.
  2. Provide leadership for the coordination of local economic development services.
  3. Build public support and knowledge of economic development activity and its impact on the community.
  4. Increase collaboration between partnership members through promotional and educational events.
Strategy IV. Provide for Competitive Product Offerings that Promote, Not Inhibit Growth Opportunities - Wayne County must ensure that fundamental competitiveness advantages with regard to workforce, infrastructure, amenities, facilities and systems are fostered to support future expansion and development.

  1. Enhance the existing service delivery system for workforce development programs and assist in engaging these service providers more fully with the business community.
  2. Develop short and long-term recommendations regarding Wayne County’s infrastructure needs related to transportation, telecommunications, utilities, shovel-ready sites and others.
  3. Promote “business-friendly” policies, practices and processes within all units of government.
Strategy V: Maintain a High Quality, High Performing Services Delivery System - To remain a competitive and viable investment location, Wayne County’s public and private sectors must support an organizational structure and distribution system that ensures the delivery of economic development services at the highest standards of excellence.

  1. Develop and distribute performance metrics which evaluate economic development goals and activities.
  2. Develop long term, sustaining revenue sources for economic development programs.
  3. Recruit and retain a first-class professional staff and volunteer leadership capable of strategically leading and managing the WEDC.
  4. Ensure that the quarters and equipment are adequate for the delivery of expanded services and programs.
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